The Museum of Rome in Trastevere

The Museum of Rome in Trastevere

The Museum of Rome in Trastevere is fairly new, having been inaugurated in 1977 in the restored Carmelite convent of Sant’Egidio and was originally entitled the Museum of Folklore and Roman Poets, a special area of interest.

Due to its particular nature, Trastevere is considered a quarter where you can still find elements of the historic working class culture.


Rome disappeared

Among the exhibits are watercolors, paintings andcarvings that tell the city’s story through its cutoms, its festivals andits traditions.

They create an evocation of “vanished Rome” the Roesler Franz watercolours being rather delicate can be shown only in rotation.

The banks of the Tiber, since destroyed with the advent of the great walls, the characteristic corners of the ghetto or Trastevere, by now disappeared, are brought to life by the easy and loose style of the artist.



Temporary exhibitions and conferences on topics and personalities closely linked to the life of the city are frequently held, with a focus on cinema, multimedia and photography. Thus the Museum can be considered as a living place for residents and tourists curious to know Rome and its history.


From the apartments of “Abitare Trastevere” you can get to the museum in a few minutes on foot.


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